Optimal Capacity and Placement of Distributed Generation Using Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithm to Reduce Power Losses in Bantul Distribution System, Yogyakarta

Abstract—Distributed generation (DG) is a distributed generator that employs on the distribution system. The aims of DG in distribution system are to improve the voltage profile, to increase spare capacity, and to reduce the power losses. DG installation on the distribution system needs consideration of optimal capacity and optimal placement. If DG has placed in incorrect location so it can damage and interference such as voltage flicker, phase disorder to ground, fault current and fault current magnitude. So this would be differ with DG expected. Therefore it needs a right placement and allocation of power capacity (sizing) to optimize DG in which use a metaheuristic optimization algorithm to solve the problem. The metaheuristic optimization algorithm is proposed to use particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm for reducing power losses in distribution system and this study used feeder 7 Bantul in substation to coastal areas Samas that is the end of distribution system. The result showed that PSO succeeded to reduce losses.
Keywords—DG, PSO algorithm, power losses, distribution system.

Download file disini:
Link 1 (www.academia.edu)

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